Top 5 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow: Macau Foodies

Looking for the best and must-try foodie spots in Macau? We’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite food ‘grammers to help you with your food bucket list – whether it’s some local grub or fancy restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Prepare yourself for some satisfying scrolling, mouth watering and eye-feasting delicious-looking content!

Macau Eat @macaueat

You might have seen him in our previous video before at Macau Foodie Guide | 澳門美食指南 or saw his eye-pleasing food shots in Instagram from oozing egg yolks of Macau’s local comfort food to sauce pours and drizzles at high end Macau restaurants, his photos make us feel like we’re part of the action. Check out his ‘gram to see what we mean! (Featured photo by © @macaueat)

Eyeamfoodie @eyeamfoodie

Born and raised in the unique city of Macau, he will show you local flavors interwoven with this gastronomic city. Come “eye” with him the best foodie spots in Macau. We definitely recommend it!

Macau Food Enthusiast @eatdieus

As their foodie motto says “Life is short, eat more”. When you look into their name closely, if seen separately “eat die us” literally means let’s eat until you have a food coma – but of course a happy one! In other words, you only have one life so enjoy food while you can. You’ll get full just checking out their feed.

JuJuHolic @jujuliholic

Firstly, let’s understand her Instagram handle – her friends love to call her “Juju” while “Holic” shows her indeed obsession for food. Secondly, how does she make her photos look so effortlessly elegant even as a hand model? And thirdly, we hope you’re not drooling over your phone halfway this list! Check out her food craze and get “jujuholic” too. We certainly think we did…

Memo Foodie @memofoodie

Running as a one-man-show ever since he was a college student, all of his posts and photos are originally taken only by him. Without a doubt, we’re inspired by his passion for sharing his love for food. In the beginning of his food journey, it was only a record of his life but now however, he has become one of Macau’s top foodie for almost three years! Along with that, he also does fun foodie giveaways and stories. Check out his feed as he takes you to local spots through his creative and vibrant shots.

And there you have it, our top 5 selected foodies! Above all, if you’re a big foodie yourself and you’d like to be featured next, tag us at #ShootandChop #FoodieFridayMacau and find us at @shootandchop to shoot us a message and chop us up on what you do and why you love it!

Written by: Bel Faustino @belbrosasfaustino