Unique Macau Desserts That Are Sure To Beat The Summer Heat

What better way to cool down than with some thirst-quenching drinks and ice cream, especially now that summer has officially arrived in Macau. However, not just any ordinary refreshments but we’ve found a dessert place that offers unique flavors that are sure to shock and surprise. We’ve discovered one particular dessert spot called Digreen. If you’ve heard or seen them in Old Taipa Village, you can now find them at Broadway Macau Galaxy and Studio City with an even wider range of sweet choices. They are known for their seasonal ice cream flavors such as their spicy Sichuan, coriander and durian frozen treats. We came to check out their new flavors.   

Vita Lemon Tea Ice Cream – Reminiscing Childhood Taste  

After a nice stroll around the Cotai Strip, we came across their Broadway Galaxy branch and definitely took advantage of their ‘Buy 1 get 1’ summer promotion of ice cream choices. We had to try their Vita Lemon Tea (VLT) ice cream. This reminded us of our childhood days during recess break or after school times whenever we would grab the iconic yellow juice box. You can really taste the Hong Kong cafe style tea with the traditional taste of perfect balance between lemon and black tea. We loved the citrus hit and refreshing coolness of every gobble we take. (Photo credits by @misspiggyxo)

Bird’s Nest Ice Cream – Old History with a Golden Touch (Literally)

For our second choice, we checked out their “Lucky Ice Cream Series” and tried their Honey Bird’s Nest Gold Leaf that caught our eyes. It is said that the bird’s nest is known to be very beneficial because of its rich nutritional value. It also supports healthy-looking complexion. We like how the soft and gelatinous bits of bird’s nest match well with the raw honey chunks. And here’s an interesting belief: eating bird nests is a symbol of great taste and sophistication as it was specifically reserved only for the Emperor of China! 

Order 6 Drinks, Get 6 Boba Egg Tarts for Free 

With another mouthwatering and generous promotion, if you order 6 selected drinks, you get 6 free boba egg tarts for free. They even do free delivery service to either Macau, Taipa or Coloane. A perfect summer treat to share with your foodie family, friends or workmates to indulge in this one-of-a-kind dessert. The shiny glazed top, custard-like textured egg filling and satisfyingly chewy boba pearls encased in golden-brown, buttery crust. Their egg tart crust is vegetarian friendly as they use margarine instead of dairy butter.

We loved their “Signature Fruits Mixture” that included fresh pineapple, watermelon, orange, lime, kumquat, and lemon juice and fruit bits of everything! We also enjoyed their “Thirsty Mango” – a refreshing fresh mango smoothie with cheese topping. (Photo credits by @memofoodie)

Broadway Shop:

Address: Broadway Macau, Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Shop E-G034, Cotai, Macau; 12:00pm-21:00pm (Monday-Sunday) Digreen +853 6939 2333

Studio City Shop:

Address: Studio City, Baia de Nossa Senhora de Esperanca L02 Shop No. 2073, Cotai, Macau; 10:30am-19:30pm (Monday-Sunday) Digreen +853 6939 2333

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Written by: Bel Faustino @belbrosasfaustino

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