Extraordinary Coffee Drinks in Macau

Coffee – an aromatic social beverage that lets us build relationships and social interactions. It is more than just a cup of joe, it tickles your senses from appreciating the work of latte art, to smelling fresh roasted coffee beans, and to sipping the smooth texture of this wonderful drink. 

Lucky for your caffeine fueled taste buds, we’ve summed up our top 5 favorite coffee spots in Macau that introduces a new concept to the coffee world with their own little twist.

Konxepts Bistro 

Located at The Oasis of Coloane, this bistro offers an eye-catching Golden Latte (featured photo above) sprinkled with black pepper. The combination of turmeric and ginger helps give that natural gold color, while the black pepper enhances the health benefits of turmeric making it warming, nourishing, and not to mention – packed with antioxidants! We also like their Konxepts Affogato – an Italian coffee drink meaning “to drown” where you pour hot coffee on vanilla ice cream, which then forms a thick foam at the top making it smooth and velvety.

Their other recommendations are their Pour Over, which is one of their key specialties. We love pairing their coffee drinks with their cake set. It’s a perfect way to share with foodie friends and loved ones.Their basque cheesecake are our favorite. They’ve got a list of lots of coffee drinks to choose from that we want to try and come back for such as their Spicy Mojito Mocha and Citrus Espresso Tonic (espresso tonic with a spike of lemony zest). 

Another plus point here – is that we also appreciate how they use biodegradable and compostable straws made from potato starch. Go green! 

Konxepts Bistro 1/F, The Veranda, One Oasis Coloane, Ilhas, Macau | +853 2888 6626 | Monday – Sunday 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Common Table

If you love coffee and you love beer, this one’s for you. Jazz up your caffeine kick for this – you’ve got to try their Beer Macchiato topped with vanilla milk foam. The bitter notes of the coffee perfectly marries the sweetness of the froth, with a surprising aftertaste of beer that leaves a clean, crisp yet soft taste making it easy to drink. It’s a great balance of sweet and bitter flavors – the same type of balance you would appreciate in a good cup of joe. It is recommended to drink it right away to enjoy the frothiness and fizz of the coffee and beer at the same time. We were surprised by how it wasn’t too overpowering but just perfect. Talk about a unique kind of liquid energy!

Common Table No. 349-365, Avenida de Guimaraes, Nova City R/C Shop A, Taipa, Ilhas Macau | +853 2885 6601 | Closed every Monday (dinner time)/ Tuesday – Sunday 8:00am – 11:00pm

Another Coffee

“Another coffee. Another Choice.” is their motto and we chose their Cold Brew Lemonade. Brighten up your brew with this interesting mix of lemonade and splash of sparkling water. It may seem like an unlikely combination, but the addition of the lemonade to this iced coffee creates a bold, tangy and delicious drink. Super thirst-quenching and sparkly. We also enjoy their Iced Blackccino – where it’s acidity is not too strong making it really refreshing for Macau’s summer heat. Go even more greener by bringing your own cup and they’ll deduct -MOP $3 off your order. You can also enjoy a membership on Wechat app if you load in MOP $300, and you get +MOP $30 more for free. All you have to do is scan and they’ll automatically deduct there every order you take. (Photo credit by Another Coffee)

Another Coffee Rio hotel R/C Shop 6, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau | +853 6826 6001 | Monday – Friday 8:00am-6:00pm, Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Hon Kee Cafe

Into the abandoned dockyards of Coloane Village, lies a hidden cafe that serves the popular“400x hand beaten coffee”. Owned by a kung-fu practitioner, the skills of this Chinese martial art and coffee saved his life. His coffee then became famous after being discovered by two influential celebrities. It was even once reviewed as “Even better than high end hotel’s coffee” and it has been a local favorite ever since. Smooth and fluffy dollops of sweet goodness sits on top of a hot humble or iced coffee drink, waiting for you to stir it and intake your caffeine kick for the day.

Hon Kee Estr. de Lai Chi Vun, Coloane, Ilhas, Macau | +853 2888 2310 | Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm, closed every Wednesday

Find out how this special drink saved his life and who were the two super stars who fell in love with this extraordinary refreshment here or watch Josh the Intern’s coffee adventure. (Photo credits to @e_for_eat)

Artigiano Coffee

Ever thought of Thai-Style Tom Yum Coffee? Nope, neither did we! Inspired by the well-known Thai delicacy, Tom Yum Goong; this lip-smacking coffee has all the main flavors – sweet, sour, salty and spicy, all combined to make a sensational taste that entices every bit of your taste buds. A friendly and kind barista there, Jeremy, was enthusiastic and patient to introduce and explain this rare drink to us. Made with authentic Thai ingredients –  sugar extract mixed with fresh lime leaf, chili, ginger and lemongrass, this beverage is definitely full of flavors. It might sound strange –  but it turned out to be something that we’d happily drink again. It gives a refreshing and warm glow, and a not too hot nor spicy drink. You can either enjoy it cold, that’s unexpectedly cooling for the summer or have it hot that’s perfectly warm and soothing for winter. You can only find this drink here in Macau and in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

Artigiano Coffee Av. do Ouvidor Arriaga, No. 83, Edfiicio Ian Wai, R/C (B), Macau | +853 2853 2174/ +853 6328 3003 | Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 8:00pm 

Written by: Bel Faustino @belbrosasfaustino

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