Best Artisan Bakeries in Macau

Sometimes all we need is good bread topped with a spread of butter and a hot cup of our favorite beverage on hand. Bread is more than just flour, eggs and butter – it is a form of edible art. Each made with special techniques from being a simple dough to a work of artistry. From mixing high quality ingredients to kneading, from kneading to proving and resting, from raising the dough to waiting, from patience to finally… a bakers’ craft – be it either a loaf of bread, a flaky layered croissant, or a bite size pastry. Each delicacy is made from dedication, time, energy and passion.

We just love the scent of buttery aroma of freshly baked bread right out of the oven, to the crunchy texture and taste of heavenly pastries, that then evolves to the feeling of warmth and comfort sinking in into satisfaction and admiration. Find out where you can discover all these bread experiences from just a bite of our favorite artisan bakeries in Macau.

Passion by Gérard Dubois

(Refer to top featured photo) Speaking of passion… Get the feel and taste of it by Gérard Dubois at Galaxy Macau or Starworld. Home to authentic French bread and desserts, Passion showcases a variety of real traditional pastries. From the ingredient selection to the production process, each step is carried out to perfection. They are known for its signature crusty sourdough bread and baguettes. All of which are baked in-house through a traditional stone oven, using only imported French flour.

Aside from their breads, Passion glorifies itself in serving a wide collection of traditional yet trendy croissant and Danish pastries, French pastries, confectionery, sandwich, salads, and specialty beverages. We like their oh-so-tender Black Olives Focaccia yet rustic with a rich olive oil flavor. A puffy flatbread studded with olive “buttons” giving it a distinctive dimpled top. They make a very satisfying side dish to almost any meal.

Cotai Strip: Galaxy Macau +853 8883 2221| G/F, G051 Galaxy, Macau

Macau side: Starworld +853 8290 8685 | G/F Starworld Avenida de Amizade, Macau

Photo courtesy by Yonel Gonzales

Bianco Bakery

You may have spotted their products at Seng Chong supermarket with an array of their artisan pastries. Our favorite artisan bread here is their Brioche that boasts a paper-thin crust that is silky and fluffy like a cloud, easy to tear, and just dissolves in your mouth in the most heavenly way. Their toast series are popular amongst locals and we are fond of their new range of toast bread: Rye & Figs, where the perfect marriage of the rye sourness and honeyed kick crunch of the sun-dried figs strikes. While their Beetroot toast strikes an aesthetic color and appeal of sweet earthiness from fresh beetroot puree. Whereas their Chocolate & Orange pulls off the perfect amount of zestiness and citrus taste that matches well with the dark chocolate. They also do Pumpkin toast made of fresh pumpkin puree with bits of pumpkin seeds making it a great choice for those looking for healthier alternatives of bread. Lastly, our favorite – the Matcha & Almond topped with almond flakes and stuffed homemade almond paste, making it the ideal afternoon tea snack.

If you’re bringing home any of their toast bread, make sure to reheat them to enjoy that extra crunch with a spread of butter and hot cup of coffee. Alternatively, they also do home deliveries for orders above MOP$ 500. You can also preorder gluten free toast bread for MOP $28 (50g of 4x slices)/ full loaf for MOP $68. Make sure to order prior 2-3 days in advance before 3:00pm and choose your pick up point (any of their branches listed below). Another plus side is that after 8:00pm, their pastries are 30% off ensuring that all breads don’t go to waste and if there are any remaining ones, they are delivered to Macau charities.

Bianco Bakery +853  6363 3185 

Taipa side: 

Supermercado Seng Cheong Lei Man: Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, No 243, Edf. Lei Man, R/C, Taipa

Supermercado Seng Cheong Ocean Gardens: Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano, No 223-231, Jardins do Oceano (Cattleya Court), R/C, Taipa

Macau side: 

Supermercado Seng Cheong  La Marina: Rua 1 de Maio, No 499, La Marina, R/C, Macau

New Yaohan Supermarket: Avenida Doutor Mário Soares, No 90, 7F, Macau

Old House Bakery

You’ll find this petite and tucked away bakery as you stroll the hidden and older streets of San Malo behind the Ruins of St. Paul. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed by freshly baked goods in glass displays. Every week, there’s always something new and exciting. We like buying a handful of their yogurt and raspberry filled muffins to freeze some at home and have them on the go the next morning. Whether it’s for work, they defrost well and remain as delicious as usual for a quick breakfast bite.

This mini bakehouse also offers their Canelé, a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. It carries a delicate balance of sweet and savory flavors and our favorite part is the crunchy caramelized crust that gives way to a custardy interior. As you bite into them, there is a distinct crackling sound, then your teeth sink into the soft, sweet and custardy goodness. They are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. Their scones are also a great afternoon tea snack as they are light and fluffy and have a crumbly touch to it.  

Old House Bakery +853 2836 2237 | Pátio do Amparo, N.o 13, R/C Macao, China


Also known as the “Heaven of Croissants” of Horta Costa Street, Hazukido actually means the Japanese Shokunin spirit of artistic craftsmanship, where they are renowned for using a specific and unique folding technique to create their signature multi-layer croissants that holds that crispy outer layer and soft inner layer. They use the highest quality ingredients of butter, eggs and flour to ensure the best experience for your croissant enjoyment. They’ve also got branches all over Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and coming soon to Thailand and Canada.

You’ll see daily limited on-site baking with about 12-15 flavors to choose from, with new flavours being introduced every month. We like their Sea Salt Buttery Croissant with high quality natural butter applied evenly on each layer topped with a sprinkle of pure sea salt to tiptop every bite! The natural buttery fragrance is just too alluring. Gift boxes are available too for your foodie family and friends.

Hazukido +853 2830 0273 | Rua do Alm. Costa Cabral, 70, Macau

Deli Lafayette

Located on the 7th floor of New Yaohan supermarket, Deli Lafayette offers some of our favorite rustic breads such as their Poilâne, a country-style sourdough round loaf with a thick, dark, tough crust with a densely-textured crumb to each bite. It also carries a slightly-tart taste that mellows as the loaf ages.There is just something earthy and rustic about this amazing round loaf. It smells heavenly when fresh, while it’s texture is weapon-hard on the outside and tender and soft on the inside. It goes well with cheese and cold cuts or with butter and jam. We love having them on cheese board platters or as an appetizer. It’s a vehicle for other flavors but it’s also hearty and comforting on its own.

We also like their Farmers Bread of golden crackly crust and a chewy crumb that goes well with a slide of good ol’ butter. If you’re looking for more croissants, their versions are larger than normal ones. Another branch of theirs is also spotted at Hotel Lisboa too.  

Deli Lafayette New Yaohan Supermarket, 7/F   

Hotel Lisboa +853 2888 3888 | 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau

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Written by: Bel Faustino @belbrosasfaustino